Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sony Xperia E1 top features

Okay guys, for those who currently looking for new smartphone and put xperia e1 as one of the candidate for your new smartphone, this article should help you.

These are sony xperia e1 top features :
  • Dedicated walkman button + walkman app
xperia e1 have built in walkman key/button integrated, together with walkman app makes xperia e1 great music phone.
  • Great speaker 100dB with Clearaudio+ and xLoud technology
xperia e1 also have very loud rear speaker, 100 dB, along with some advance sound technology such as Clearaudio+, xLoud, and Clearphase.
  • Free music download using sony music jive
with xperia e1 you don't have to buy music, you can stream and download music for free using the built in sony music jive app.
  • 1700 mAh battery + power management feature
xperia e1 comes with removable battery 1700 mAh, quite large for entry level phone, plus it also have power management feature such as stamina mode, low battery mode, and location based WiFi to save battery life.
  • Notification light + illumination bar light
xperia e1 have both notification light and illumination bar light just like most sony smartphones.
  • Auto brightness screen
xperia e1 do have auto brightness feature, which is very rare on low end/ entry level device, usually you have to buy high-end or mid range device to get this feature.
  • Upgradable to android 4.4 kitkat
xperia e1 comes with android 4.3 jelly bean but upgradable to android 4.4 kitkat, and this is not a rumors.

I think that's all, that's the top 7 features of sony xperia e1, think about those seven features and ask your self, do i really need those features?

Bottom line, sony xperia e1 is all about music, this is a music phone for music lovers. Forget about the fact that this phone only have 512Mb, this is a music phone.

This phone is not the perfect entry level phone, it also have some bad stuff which i will talk about later, but in my opinion xperia e1 is the best entry level phone in terms of music.

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