Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Flash Sony Xperia E1

Alright guys, you probably already know about this, but for those who doesn't, in this article i will show you how to flash sony xperia e1.

To flash your xperia e1, you will need the firmware file which in .tft format, a computer with flashtool software, sony micro usb cable, and of course the xperia e1 itself.

Things that you will need to flash xperia e1
  1. xperia e1 (single/dual)
  2. xperia e1 firmware 
  3. computer running windows
  4. flashtool software
  5. sony micro USB cable
You might be wondering where to download the xperia e1 firmware, okay no worries, here's the download link.

Xperia e1 firmware download link
  • Xperia E1 single kitkat 4.4.2 [D2005_20.1.A.0.47_RU.ftf], link1, link2 
  • Xperia E1 single jelly bean 4.3 [D2005_20.0.A.1.21_CE.ftf], link1, link2
  • Xperia E1 dual kitkat 4.4.2 [D2105_20.1.B.0.64_RU.ftf], link1, link2
  • Xperia E1 dual jelly bean 4.3 [D2105_20.0.B.0.74_CE.ftf], link1, link2

Okay, after you have all the ingredients for this tutorial, we can now start flashing the phone, this should be fun and easy :)

 Step by step how to flash sony xperia e1
  1. download xperia e1 firmware (.tft file)
  2. copy xperia e1 firmware to "firmwares" folder inside flashtool folder, it should be like this: c:/flashtool/firmwares/
  3. run flashtool, click on flash logo
  4. bootmode chooser dialog will appear, select "Flashmode" then hit ok
  5. choose firmware you want to use, then hit flash.
  6. turn off your xperia e1
  7. press and hold volume rocker down on xperia e1, at the same time plug it to the computer using micro usb cable.
  8. if you done it correctly the phone will be on flashmode/download mode, and flashtool will start flashing the phone.
  9. wait until the whole process finish
  10. unplug the usb cable, and turn on the phone.

i found that if i try to use micro usb cable from other brand, i can't get the phone into download mode, so i suggest use only sony's micro usb cable to flash your xperia e1.

And one more thing, after flashing your phone, it is recommended that you do factory data reset first before start using the phone again, to make sure you get clean install.

Once you know how to flash your xperia e1, you can go back and forth between the stock kitkat 4.4.2 and jelly bean 4.3, because that's all we got for now for our e1.

~ enjoy ~


  1. the jellybean works but the Xperia E1 single kitkat 4.4.2 isn't showing on the flashtool, i already put it in the firmware folder.