Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to check whether Xperia E1 root or not

On previous article i already show you how to root sony xperia e1, if you are still not sure that you have root access on your phone then we need to do some tests.

You can download root checker app on play store, root checker app will ask for root permission to verify whether you have root access or not.

Step by step how to check whether xperia e1 root or not :
  1. install root checker app from google play store (free).
  2. open root checker app.
  3. press the "Verify Root" button.
  4. you will be prompted for root permission, grant or allow it
  5. root checker should says "Congratulation! this device has root access!".

For me the idea of root checker app is silly, because i think the best way to check whether your phone root or not is to try one of the root required app.

If the root required app works, then your phone is already root. Those root required apps are the reason why you root your phone in first place right?

Here's some of the root required app :
  1. titanium backup
  2. root explorer (r/w mode)
  3. terminal emulator (type su)
  4. lucky patcher
  5. link2sd
  6. gl to sd
  7. sixaxis controller
  8. quick boot

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