Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to root Xperia E1 using towelroot

I recently root my xperia e1 dual using towelroot and it's working, i would like to share it with you guy's, so in this article i will show you how to root xperia e1 using towelroot.

First of all i want to say thank you to geohot for creating towelroot, it's not easy to root android 4.3, i tried so many tools but they all fail, it's very frustrating.

Anyway, you want to know how to root your xperia e1 right? that's why you come here. Okay just follow this short tutorial, this should work on xperia e1 single and dual.

Step by step how to root xperia e1 using towelroot :
  1. download towelroot apk (tr.apk) from the official website, or from here.
  2. install towelroot (tr.apk) on your xperia e1.
  3. run towelroot.
  4. press the "make it ra1n" button.
  5. exit towelroot and go to play store, install SuperSU from chainfire.
  6. open the SuperSU app.
  7. you will be prompted to update the SU binary, select continue.
  8. you will be prompted again "How would you like to install the SU binary?", select normal
  9. wait until the process finish.
  10. it should says "Installation success !"

Once finish, you might want to reboot/restart your xperia e1, just to make sure the super user (root) works properly.

Now that you have root access on your phone, you can do whatever you want, move game data to sdcard, remove system app, etc.

This rooting method tested and working on sony xperia e1 dual, running jelly bean 4.3, firmware 20.0.B.0.84.

~ cheers ~


  1. have you tried rooting E1 on kitkat?

    1. not yet, i haven't upgrade to kitkat, still waiting for the kitkat

    2. upgraded my phone to kitkat when i got it 2 weeks ago and then rooted my phone using this method yesterday and it worked so thanks :)

    3. i have use E1 and upgraded to kitkat but my phone can't be root using towelroot. Why? may you fix my problem?

    4. Towel root does not work on kitkat,flash to jellybean firmware and then root ur phone using towel root and then flash back to kitkat.Check the following link for detailed procedure.

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  3. Awesome! This works on E1 dual - Android JB (4.3)

  4. Hey man, great site! very useful as people dont talk too much about e1. Just a question, do you know any custom roms for this phone? if not, what are we really losing? because i know we can customize some things by rooting... thanks in advance!

  5. Not work on my xperia E1dual d2105 442 kitkat

  6. How to Root Xperia E1 D2005, Android JB 4.4.2, firmware 20.1.A.2.13


  7. Not work on my xperia E1dual d2104 442 kitkat
    as downgrade

  8. Estou querendo fazer root no meu aparelho mas de todos os meios possiveis não consegui, nem com o kingo root, towerroot, alguem pode me ajudar?

    Numero do modelo
    D2105 (antes de atualizar no site da sony era D2104)

    Versão Android

    Versão da banda de base

    Versão do Kernel3.4.0-perf
    administrator@ubuntu-scm06 #1
    Tue Apr 7 19:25:46 CST2015

    Numero da Versão

    Alguem pode ajudar?