Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to make Xperia E1 screen bigger

Okay ladies and gentlemen, in this article i'm going to show you how to make the screen on xperia e1 becomes little bit bigger and nicer.

To do that, i'm going to remove the on screen navigation bar (on screen keys) on xperia e1. But before we do that, we need to install an app called button savior.

You definitely need root access on your xperia e1 in order to follow this tutorial, so if you are not yet root your xperia e1, read here.

So basically here's what you'll need to follow this tutorial:
  1. xperia e1 with root
  2. button savior app
  3. root explorer app
  4. little bit of courage :) 

Step by step how to make xperia e1 screen bigger/larger (full screen) :
  • install button savior app from google play store
  • open button savior app, if asking for root permission, allow or grant it.
  • open root explorer and then go to /system folder
  • you should be able to see build.prop file
  • press long on build.prop and then select "open in text editor"
  • scroll down to the bottom and then add following codes :
#disable navbar
  •  save and exit
  • reboot/restart xperia e1
It is very important to install and run button savior first before modifying the build.prop file, because you don't have navigation keys after that.

Now the on screen navigation bar/keys should be gone as the result you have bigger and nicer screen, to move around you can use button savior on the right side of the screen.

~ enjoy full screen experience on sony xperia e1~

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your log, which I have used to root my first Android. Did it because Kitkat removed access to SD Card for third party apps.
    Now I did this mod removed Navi_Bar, but find that if I do not have a telephone number stored I can not dial it. Any solutions? Using "Button Saviour"which is great.