Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to quickly reboot and shutdown Xperia E1

Just like other android smartphones, if you want to shutdown or reboot your xperia e1, you need to press the power button and then select power off.

There is more convenient way to do this, with the help of an app we can quickly reboot and shutdown xperia e1 without pressing the power button.

There is an app called quick boot on play store, with this app we can reboot, shutdown, go to recovery mode and bootloader.

Quick boot is free to download and does required root privilege, so you must root your xperia e1 if you want to use this app.

The benefit of using quick boot is that you don't have to press power button anymore to turn off or restart/reboot the phone.

If you open quick boot app, you will get 4 options :
  • reboot
  • recovery
  • bootloader
  • power off
I strongly suggest not to choose recovery and bootloader, unless you have already install custom recovery mode or you want to go to bootloader mode.

So use only "reboot" and "power off" options, and if you happened to press recovery or bootloader and you stuck, try take out the battery and turn on again.

Bottom line, quick boot is really handy app for daily use, must have for those who already root their phone.

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