Friday, July 11, 2014

How to remove bloatware on Xperia E1

In this article i'm going to show you how to remove bloatware on sony xperia e1. You maybe asking, what is a bloatware? is it important to remove bloatware from my phone?

Bloatware is apps that you don't really need but comes pre-installed on your phone. Basically bloatware is useless apps that phone manufacture or network carrier put on your phone.

It's very important to remove bloatware from your phone because you can save a lot of internal storage, speed up your phone, and also makes battery life longer.

Here's list of bloatware on sony xperia e1 :
  1. Google Play Books
  2. Google Play Newsstand
  3. Google Play Games
  4. Google+
  5. Hangouts
  6. Smart Connect
  7. Xperia Care Support
  8. Xperia Lounge
  9. Sony Explore
  10. Sony Select
  11. Play Memories Mobile
  12. File Commander
  13. Qoo10
  14. PicMix 
  15. Home screen tips
  16. Talkback
You can easily uninstall some of those apps, but there are some apps (system apps) that cannot be uninstall, it needs special tool to remove.

For that, we need bloatware remover app, there are many bloatware/system app remover on play store, some are free and others are paid app.

One of the best bloatware remover app that i highly recommend is the system app remover, because this app could suggest which one is safe to remove.

System app remover needs root permission in order to work, so you must have root access on your xperia e1 if you want to use it.

Okay, here's example removing sony select and xperia lounge on xperia e1: