Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sony Xperia E1 gaming

In terms of gaming, xperia e1 is quite capable device, you can play the latest games on it without any issue, well not all games running smooth, but most of them are playable.

Despite the small amount of ram (512 Mb) xperia e1 could delivers great gaming experience, i already try some games and most of them are smooth.

But there is one game that is very lag which is GTA 3, at first the game was smooth, but after playing a while it becomes very laggy.

Anyway here's some games that i already test on my xperia e1 dual :
  • Soul Calibur (smooth)
  • Skate party 2 (smooth)
  • Samurai II: Vegeance (smooth)
  • PES 2012 (smooth)
  • ShadowGun (smooth)
  • Need for speed (smooth)
  • GTA 3 (smooth at first, after a while becomes very lag)
  • Final Fantasy 3 (smooth) 
  • Punch Quest (smooth)
Remember, you can move game data to external sdcard by using GL to SD app (root needed) as i already show you on this article.

Unfortunately, the internal storage of xperia e1 is very low, the maximum i can get is about 1.5 GB after delete everything.

So for games with really large game data it will be problem, the solution to this is swapping the sdcard, but i still don't know how to do that.

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