Monday, July 21, 2014

Good and bad things about Xperia E1

I have been using xperia e1 dual for couple of months now, and i want to tell you good things and bad things about sony xperia e1 from my perspective.

Good things (Pros)
  • xperia e1 is small enough to go into my pocket jeans, 4.0 inches screen is perfect, not too small and not too big.
  • very light, easy to carry around
  • great audio quality, sony never let me down when it comes to audio
  • walkman key/button really useful for music playback
  • can download free songs using sony music jive 
  • can play HD movie and have built in movie player
  • can play HD games, most games works on xperia e1
  • have LED notification light and illumination bar light 
  • have power saving features, such as stamina mode and low battery mode
  • have auto brightness feature
  • will get kitkat update very soon

Bad things (Cons)
  • terrible build quality, the phone gets dirty easily specially for the white one (don't buy the white version), the sony logo on the back could come out very easily
  • bad materials, xperia e1 feels very plasticky and cheap
  • screen could scratch easily, no gorilla glass protection
  • sometimes the phone suddenly restart, but when updated to firmware .84, my e1 dual become more stable
  • internal storage is 4GB but available only 2GB (the rest is for operating system), from 2GB the actual space you get is less than 1.5GB, solution to this is root your xperia e1 and then remove bloatware/useless system app, and if you're heavy gamer, use GL to SD to move game data to external sdcard.
  • lack of built in file manager/explorer, but you can always download from play store
  • camera quality is not good, no LED flash, no front facing camera
  • sometimes when playing games, i accidentally press home or back button, solution to this is remove the on screen navigation bar and use third party app for navigation, like i explain here

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