Sunday, July 27, 2014

Punch Quest on Xperia E1

Punch quest is a classic style side scrolling punch game which super fun to play on xperia e1, this game works well on xperia e1.

I had no issue playing punch quest on my xperia e1, everything seems smooth, this game is a good time killer, quite addictive.

There are two characters you can play on punch quest, punchzerker (male) and smaskyrie (female), you can change character from shop > customize.

Punch quest used to be paid game, but now it's become free game with in-app purchase, so go ahead download punch quest on google play store.

You can also download from here, this game is apk only no data cache needed, the apk is only 18 MB so it should fit well on xperia e1 internal storage.

~ happy punching ~

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