Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to unlock bootloader on Xperia E1

Okay guys, in this article i will show you how to unlock bootloader on sony xperia e1, if you are not sure what it is, please don't follow this tutorial.

To unlock bootloader on xperia e1, first you will need to obtain the unlock code from sony developer website, you need to enter your email, and they will send you instructions.

You will be asking to enter, IMEI code of your xperia e1, for xperia e1 dual use one of the IMEI, for me i use my SIM card 1 IMEI.

You can get IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your xperia e1, once you enter the IMEI number, you will get the unlock code along with some instructions.

It's up to you, if you prefer following instructions from sony website or follow my instructions instead, i think mine is more details.

Step by step how to unlock bootloader xperia e1
  • you must get the unlock code from sony developer website, follow the process here
  • download adb + fastboot
  • extract to drive c: on your computer, so it should be c:/adb/
  • open command prompt, go to the adb folder by typing :
cd c:/adb
  • make sure USB debugging mode on your xperia e1 is enable
  • turn off your xperia e1
  • put xperia e1 into fastboot mode, by pressing and hold volume rocker up while plugging the phone to computer using micro usb cable.
  • on the command prompt, type this :
fastboot devices

you probably won't see any output, just make sure you don't get error message
  • now you can go ahead unlock the bootloader using the unlock code from sony website, here's the command :
fastboot -i  0xfce oem unlock 0x[the unlock code from sony website]

for example :

fastboot -i  0xfce oem unlock 0x89XCB21312354478
  • unplug the usb cable
  • turn on the phone
  • check whether the bootloader has been unlocked or not, read here.

Once you got bootloader unlocked, next step is to try to install CWM recovery on xperia e1, i don't know if this going to work or not, i will try first on my e1 dual.


  1. Does unlocking the bootloader cause any performance and camera quality issues like on sony z3.

    1. the camera on my e1 dual works normal after bootloader unlocked

  2. My every time I unlock the bootloader it is in infinite boot !!

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