Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to download free music on Xperia E1

The ability to download free and legal music is one of the key feature of sony xperia e1, i just realize it now after trying the sony music jive app.

You can download free music (mp3 format) using the sony music jive app that comes bundled with sony xperia e1.

I thought sony music jive is just another bloatware from sony, but i was wrong, i believe this app is exclusive for sony smartphones.

With sony music jive you can either listen to streaming music or download the music in to the phone and playback offline later.

To download music, all you have to do is select any song you want, and then go to player, then press playlist button and finally press download button.

By default, the downloaded music will stored in /sdcard/Download/Sonymusic/. You can download music as many as you want, they have huge collection of music.

I was able to get new song too, such as world cup 2014 theme by pitbull, we are one (ole ola). So it's not always old song you can get new song too with sony music jive.

~ enjoy ~

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