Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to install CWM recovery on Xperia E1

In this article i will show you how to install CWM recovery on xperia e1, i already try this on my e1 dual, but it's not really stable.

I don't know why but after going to CWM recovery and then reboot again, the CWM and the root is removed, so this is not permanent CWM.

FYI this is a touch CWM not the regular CWM, the version is, like i said it's not stable, very slow and will remove your root as well as the CWM itself.

Step by step how to install CWM touch on xperia e1

If you try to install the CWM recovery without unlocking bootloader on your e1, your phone will be stuck in white screen, and you have no choice but to flash it.

If you know better CWM recovery for xperia e1, please let me know, because i think this one is not really good, it is slow and not permanent.


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  2. I like your work! Keep it up!
    If you know stuff like this, maybe you should help the people on XDA trying to get CyanogenMod (or OmniRom) running on the E1. (It should be possible, and they somehow managed the same-chipset phone M2 to boot CM.)

  3. 1- posso clicar em reboot into recovery sem medo de dar problema ?
    2- nao tem o xperia E1 dual na lista do cwm. posso usar qualquer versão ?