Friday, July 18, 2014

How to use Walkman button on Xperia E1

Sony xperia e1 comes with dedicated walkman button, it's probably the main feature of this phone, the walkman button provides shortcut for playing music.

Correct me if i'm wrong, i think sony xperia e1 is the only xperia smartphone that has dedicated walkman button/walkman key.

In case you don't know where the walkman button is, the walkman button/walkman key is located on top left side of xperia e1.

How to use walkman button/walkman key on xperia e1 :
  • Long press the walkman button to open walkman app
  • Press walkman button one time to stop and play song
  • Press walkman button twice to go to the next song
  • Press walkman button and shake the phone to play random song

It's really nice to have dedicated walkman button on low end device like xperia e1, the walkman button gives quick access to music, making xperia e1 perfect music phone.

The walkman button also give me an idea to use it for something else, with simple hack i can make walkman button to launch other thing.

I'm going to explain about how to hack (customize) the walkman button in the next article, so stay tune !!

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  1. how to disable walkman key on E1?

    1. you can do that by editing the gpio-keys.kl
      put # on key 391 MP3 WAKE_DROPPED
      so it should be like this :
      #key 391 MP3 WAKE_DROPPED

      read this article for more info

      by the way why you want to disable it?

  2. My jeans sometimes pressing the button when I am sitting. Thanks