Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SoulCalibur on Xperia E1

SoulCalibur is a fighting game by namco originally made for arcade machine, later in 1999 the game ported to sega dreamcast console, and now available for android.

I was surprised when i try soulcalibur on my xperia e1, the graphics looks very good, i can say that so far, soulcalibur is the best fighting game i ever play android.

Soulcalibur works very well on sony xperia e1, i had no issue playing this game on my sony xperia e1 dual, everything seems smooth, no lag at all.

I definitely recommend soulcalibur for xperia e1 users, this game is great, console quality graphics, and 100% works on xperia e1.

The only problem is the price of this game is quite high, soulcalibur costs about $13.99 dollars on google play store, that's a lot of money for an android game.

But if you're looking for a fighting game, then i can't recommend other than soulcalibur, this game is phenomenal, must play if you're fan of fighting game.

Anyway here's screenshots of soulcalibur taken from my xperia e1 dual :

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