Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Need For Speed Shift on Xperia E1

I just installed need for speed shift on my xperia e1 dual, and play with it for few hours, everything seems smooth.

Need for speed shift is totally playable on xperia e1, no lag at all, the loading time is fast, and the car handling is good.

But there is only one problem, the car seems not rendered perfectly while on the main menu, i see dark texture on the car, but this not happen while on the race.

When you enter the race, the car looks perfect, there is no dark texture on it, so technically it's not a big issue.

I definitely recommend need for speed shift for xperia e1 users even though this is an old game, but still fun to play.

And also this game should fit well on xperia e1 internal storage, because the game data cache is only 81.55 Mb.

You can buy need for speed shift on google play store for about $2.99 dollars, this game is totally worth to buy.

Here's screenshots of need for speed shift taken from my xperia e1 dual :

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