Monday, April 14, 2014

Sony Xperia E1 review

Alright it's time for me to review my brand new phone for 2014, sony xperia e1. This should be quick and straight forward review.

The Design

My first impression about xperia e1 when i hold it in my hand during the unboxing was the phone feels very light and very plastic.

There's nothing luxury about this phone in terms of design and material, in fact xperia e1 feels like cheap phone.

I thought i was holding a toy not a phone, because it's very light but bulky at the same time, plus the rough plastic material around the phone.

The Screen

But once i put the battery inside and turn it on, i said wow, the screen looks good, bright and the colors look natural.

Viewing angle also not so bad for entry level budget friendly smartphone, 233 ppi on WVGA, 4 inches display is good enough for everyone.

Sony xperia e1 also comes with auto brightness feature which very rare to see on budget friendly android smarphones.

The Hardware

The dual core performs very good on xperia e1, combined with adreno 302 graphics you could play the latest game on xperia e1.

The small ram doesn't make the phone sluggish, in fact it's not really a big deal because xperia e1 will get a kitkat upgrade which could optimize device with 512Mb of ram.

Xperia e1 comes with 4 GB of internal storage, but don't be surprised because you only get 2 GB of available memory, the rest is used by the operating system.

From 2 GB, you actually only have 1.5 GB because xperia e1 comes with some pre-installed apps, but don't worry you can expand the memory using external sdcard.

The Software

About the software, xperia e1 comes with android 4.3 jelly bean at launch, and later it will get upgrade to android  4.4.2 kitkat.

And this is not a rumors, it's official statement from sony, go ahead check out sony's website if you don't believe me. 

Even with the current operating system (jelly bean 4.3) the performance is good, the sony UI is smooth, just don't install too many app to keep it smooth.

The Audio

This probably the main reason why you buy xperia e1, the audio quality is amazing. The sound coming from this budget smartphone is simply astonishing.

With built in walkman app, dedicated walkman button, clearaudio+, and xloud technology, sony xperia e1 is definitely a music phone.

The Camera

Camera is the last thing i care about when choosing a smatphone, why? because i prefer using real camera (DSLR) to take serious picture.

But i do care whether the phone has LED flash or not, because LED flash could be use as flash light, very handy when you're in dark places.

Unfortunately xperia e1 lack of LED flash, so i still need to carry around real flash light during the night.

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