Monday, August 18, 2014

Skateboard Party 2 on Xperia E1

Skateboard party 2 is a skateboarding game for android, which super fun to play. Skateboard party 2 is probably the best skateboarding game on android right now.

The way you play this game is almost like tony hawk games on console, where you get points by doing tricks, flip tricks, grab tricks, grind or slide tricks.

Skateboard party 2 works really well on sony xperia e1, definitely playable on xperia e1, i had no issue playing this game on my e1 dual, everything is smooth and perfect.

I would recommend skateboard party 2 for xperia e1 users, specially if you like skateboarding game or you skate in real life, definitely must play.

Skateboard party 2 may not be as good as tony hawk games, because the trick is kinda limited, and some tricks is wrong like you actually do blunt slide but it says as nose slide.

Go ahead download skateboard party 2 on google play store, this game costs about 2 dollars but definitely worth the money.

Here's some screenshots of skateboard party 2 taken from my xperia e1 dual:

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