Friday, August 22, 2014

Emissary of War on Xperia E1

Emissary of War (EoW) is another cool game that you can play on sony xperia e1, EoW is an action RPG style game with great story, excellent voice acting and good graphics

Emissary of war is made by developer named cedar hill games, and this is the only game on android that they make.

Emissary of war is actually an old game, this game was released on the year 2011, but still fun to play even for now.

The game itself is very short, you can finish the whole story in less than an hour of non stop play, so definitely very short.

EoW is highly recommended for xperia e1 users, this game works very well on sony xperia e1, i had no issue playing it on my e1 dual.

So go ahead download Emissary of War on google play store, this game costs about 2 dollars and definitely worth the money.

Here's screenshots of EoW taken from my sony xperia e1 dual:

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