Monday, August 18, 2014

Battleheart on Xperia E1

Battleheart is one of the best 2D role playing game on android, i really love the presentation of this game, the graphics are simple and minimalist.

But don't get me wrong, behind the minimalist graphics, battleheart have a really good gameplay, and quite challenging as you progress to the next level.

Like most RPG, you will get to choose different kind of characters such as knight, wizard, rogue, cleric, etc, you can hire different characters to join your party in battle.

You can buy weapons for your party member, upgrade the skills, level up your characters, etc, stuff you normally do on role playing game.

Battleheart may not as good as final fantasy series, but this game offers different kind of fun, a simple and minimalist yet super fun RPG, that's what i can say about this game.

Battleheart totally compatible with sony xperia e1, this game works 100% on xperia e1, i had no issue playing this game on my xperia e1 dual.

Go ahead buy battleheart on google play store, this game costs about 3 dollars and i think it's worth to buy, cause this game is awesome.

Bottom line battleheart is cute little RPG that everybody would love, well not everybody, mostly RPG fan.

Here's screenshots of battleheart taken from my xperia e1 dual :

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