Saturday, October 4, 2014

Play HD movie on Xperia E1

In this article i would like to test xperia e1 movie playback capability, i'm going to test with some movies and some players to see which one is the best.

Is it possible to play HD movie on xperia e1? yes of course, with dual core CPU and adreno 305/302 GPU, i'm sure xperia e1 could play HD movies.

Now the question is...can it play 1080p movie or just 720p? well, here's the answer :

1920 x 856
Wreck it Ralph
1920 x 808
Kungfu Panda
1905 x 1072
Stock movie player smooth smooth not playable
MX player H/W smooth smooth not playable
MX player S/W smooth smooth sound delay, lag, frame drop
VLC player beta smooth smooth sound delay, lag, frame drop
BS player smooth smooth sound delay, lag, frame drop

My conclusion is that xperia e1 could not playback a real 1080p movie (1920 x 1080), but it can playback 1920 x 800 movie as shown above.

And if you want to play format other than MP4, like MKV, i suggest don't use the stock movie player, but use MX player, VLC, BS player or other third party player. 

By the way, BS player have unique feature, it can automatically search any available subtitle for the movie and download it from the internet.

MX player is great one, the UI is simple and easy to use, you can switch between H/W decoder and S/W decoder easily.

While VLC player is still on beta, but it has great potential in the future, once the developer get rid of the beta and release the final version.


  1. Great work.
    Please add a way to get be3 on sony e1
    And exposed framework mods

  2. Thanks for all tips and tricks for sony e1.i have one too.