Saturday, October 4, 2014

How to setup Bluetooth tethering on Xperia E1

Another tethering that we can do on xperia e1 is the bluetooth tethering, with bluetooth tethering we can share the phone's internet connection using bluetooth network.

Bluetooth tethering is very helpful if we are in situation where bluetooth connection is the only option for connectivity between devices.

You may think that bluetooth tethering is slow compared to WiFi, but that's not true, it's actually quite fast, of course it depends on what kind of device that's connected.

How to setup bluetooth tethering on xperia e1 :
  1. turn on internet connection (data network) on xperia e1
  2. go to Settings > More > Tethering & portable hotspot > make sure the Bluetooth tethering is checked.
  3. now you can turn on the bluetooth on both xperia e1 and the other device that will connect, make sure they are paired.
  4. for example you're using a laptop, then on your laptop make sure you set the internet connection is came from the bluetooth of xperia e1, there should be an option to do this.
  5. open your favorite web browser to test
I'm using laptop with dual operating system, windows 7 and lubuntu (lightweight ubuntu), i was able to use the bluetooth tethering on lubuntu, but not on windows 7.

Lubuntu linux came with bluetooth manager app which very easy to use, i can easily paired xperia e1 bluetooth with the laptop and there is an option to set internet from bluetooth device.

Noticed that, on linux (lubuntu) when the bluetooth tethering is up and running (active), you got new network interface called bnep0, interesting stuff :)

On windows 7 i was not able to paired my xperia e1 with the laptop, i don't know why, probably because the driver was not installed properly and there is no bluetooth manager on windows 7.

So now you got three different tethering on xperia e1, WiFi tethering, USB tethering, and Bluetooth tethering, it's up to you which one you want to use.

~ happy tethering ~

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